UTZ Certified

Sustainable Cocoa

If you’re searching for the cool stuff and fun stories about Cocio, look somewhere else. This section is our more serious section, where we tell you all about how we try to make the world a more sustainable place. Because even though we love fun and games, we also care about sustainability.

Almost all of our delicious cocoa is from the Ivory Coast in Africa where the production of cocoa is essential for the income of many families. By having the UTZ certification, Cocio wants to assure a beginning-to-end responsible production process - from the small farmers all the way to the bottle in your hand.

The UTZ certification ensures that each farmer follow a targeted training program, that will give them a higher income and improved living conditions.

Certified cocoa

Cocoa is our life and therefore, we don’t just buy random cocoa from random from suppliers – we only accept the best. Therefore 97% of the cocoa Cocio buys today us UTZ certified – and you can see the UTZ logo directly on the packaging. The farmers in the UTZ programme are organized into local cooperatives that sell cocoa beans to the Cocio suppliers.

By buying UTZ certified cocoa we are actively trying to improve the living conditions of the cocoa farmers by ensuring agricultural training and a better price for their products. This means that they get a basic training in growing the cocoa and they are taught how to drive a sustainable production, focusing on increasing crop yields, improving quality, fighting child labour and ensuring better security for people and nature. 

And we follow up. At least once a year external and independent inspectors ensure that the training is completed, the rules are followed and that supply chain can be documented all the way to the consumers. Furthermore, we are annually sending someone from Cocio to visit Ivory Coast – Nope, not on vacation, but to secure a responsible cocoa production.

Responsible Production

We don’t want it to sound like one of those “save-the-world”-songs, but we’re actually trying to do some good, besides providing great taste for you.

We’re trying to help the West African cocoa production from insects and plant diseases. These can often destroy harvests, but luckily we can avoid this with better knowledge and experience. Therefore the UTZ programme is working to educate farmers about these agricultural threats and thereby giving a better and safer work environment for the farmers and healthier cocoa for Cocio – a win/win situation.  

Cocio has worked to use sustainable cocoa since 2008, but not before 2010 was it possible to buy UTZ certified cocoa from the Ivory Coast.

If you want to read more about the UTZ certification, please visit: https://www.utzcertified.org  

Improved living conditions

In Ivory Coast, there are almost one million family farms with small plots of land, living in inaccessible jungle areas. A poor infrastructure, illiteracy, health problems and lack of agricultural skills make the living conditions in the Ivory Coast very poor. 

In these cases the UTZ certification can help prevent a lot of these horrible conditions and secure higher living standards when working together with the local cooperatives. 

Therefore we have chosen to buy our cocoa beans from UTZ certified cooperatives. This way we help to invest in a long-term and sustainable development of cocoa farmers, fighting and working against all the bad things such as child labour, poor education opportunities and tough living conditions.

The UTZ programme regularly checks up upon the farmers and also ensures, that farmers receive a higher price when selling cocoa beans, which makes them able to send their kids to school and invest in development of their agriculture.